About Recent Japanese individual investores


The Japanese individual investors rose with appearance the net securities. The feature of that broker houses are lower fee than existing brokerage firms.

The many successful individual investors are in their 30s or 40s. I think that because they make effective use of internet. They invest through the internet and use the internet to gather information and exchange of information on the internet.

I should explain asset situation and exchange of information and dispatch of information of Japanese individual investors in this article.

Asset situantion of Japanese individual investores

It was great that assets exceed 100 million yen for Japanese individual investors in early 2000s but nobody is surprised now. Assets more than 1 billion yen are necessary for earning respect of others.

I should write the reasons of success that the assets of Japanese individual investors under inflationary condition.

1. The individual investors had more knowledge about small capitalization stock.

Many corporate investors invested more heavily in the companies those aggregate market price were half -decent so they were not invent in small company by market value very much.
So small capitalization stocks had much potential for growth were left derelict. And those companies grew up and the market recovered itself from Lehman shock. Their stock prices rose so the individual investors became successful.

The following chart is restaurant business.The individual investors invested rising of small capitalization stock that were restaurants and the retail stores that they predict business performance easily.

arcland service chart

2. The individual investors could rise appreciation of stock prices that companies turn over smartphone game.

Smart phones had spread through the market and the companies that they made gaming app a major success were able to greatly raise the stock prices. The individual investors guessed sales from the ranking of Apple Store and the Google play and could rise appreciation of stock prices that companies turn over smartphone game and were able to greatly increase assets.


3. The individual investors could succeed in analysis of bio-venture companies.

Many bio-venture companies got listed in Japan. But it is difficult to know them black from white. But individual investors accurately could detect worth of bio-venture companies by fundamental analysis and were able to have an insight rising share prices.


4.The rectification of standard by Abenomics and lower yen

The stock prices become the important index since Shinzo Abe became the Prime Minister. The government cooperated with the Bank of Japan and minded rising share prices. Bank of Japan bought up stocks so individual investors could rise the rectification of standard of share price.The currency exchange became lower yen because monetary easing by the Bank of Japan. That was big reason improved accomplishment of exporting company.

Exchange of information and dispatch of information of individual investors

In early time individual investors exchanged information on Web bulletin boards like 2 channel or Yahoo bulletin board. But it became that an individual person generically posts blog entry so many people sent information and learn the method of investing from blog.

The individual investors generically use twitter. The follower of the famous individual investor more than 10000.

The blogs that are summarize the condition of the market enjoy great popularity. That blogs make a jocular remark about the condition of the market so that gets population of investor newly.

Follows are the famous Twitter accounts of the Japanese individual investor.


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