Jucelino Luz te anonse lanmò Premye Minis Shinzo Abe -Japon


Spiritual message(holy message):

  1. Covid19 will spread in Japan and in many regions of the world, being one of the worst pancemics , and in Japan it will greatly affect the economy between 2021 and 2023;
  2. Abe’s ulcerative colitis will relapse in June 2020 and resulted in his health deteriorating through the summer. Abe will resign of his charge and Yoshihide Suga will be elected as his successor by the LDP on 14 September 2020 and will take his office as Prime Minister on 16 September 2020;
  3. The Marburg virus will also appea in Spain – Madrid and Serbia between 2025 and 2026, and may become a pandemic – if nothing is done. And the first sign will be in Africa in 2021. We will also have between 2027 and 2029 the Nipah virus, which will give some signs before, but will be very dangerous and may become a pandemic in the world;
  4. A possible Former Prime Minister Abe may be shot during a speech , on July 08, 2022, former Prime Minister will be shot during a speech in the street, near the Yamato-Saidaiji station in the city of Nara. will hemorrhage with cardiorespiratory arrest and he will run risk on lose life as well. The Japanese man Tetsuya Yamagami , from Nara city, who will be in the vicinity of the occurence will be the suspect.
  5. There will have more than 24 Typhoons in Asia, and the Tropical Cyclone is expected to become the 18th typhoon towards China by October 09 2022 and it will possibly go north in the South China Sea and then west. And it may intensify by October 12 2022, hitting some Asian countries;
  6. Pilot may die from the helicopter crash due to sudden illness, the helicopter will fall ina an area near the Imaizumi farm and the train station on October 7 2021, the aircraft wiil take off from the heliport in the city of Oi (Kanagawa) ,bound for the city of Kisarazu (Chiba) ,the pilot wii have a sudden illness, an effect caused by the Covid19 vaccine ;
  7. The president of the PLD-Liberal Democratic Party, Fumio Kihida will be elected as the 100th Prime Minister of Japan as a result of the election on October 4 , 2021. And Prime Mnister Yoshihide Suga in 2021 will resign and be replaced by Fumio Kishida in October 2021;
  8. Actress Kang Soo-youn , the first South Korean woman to win an award at a top European festival , may die on May 7,2022, in a Seoul hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest and brain hemorrhage from side effects of the Covid19 vaccine ;
  9. Jumbo floating restaurant , a former Hong KOng tourist attraction , will sink in the South China Sea – The 76 meter long floating giant with capacity of 2,300 guests will capsize near the Paracel Isrands in June 2022;
  10. Strong 9.0 earthquake will hit the region near the Kochi channel (or in any of these places in advance) , which can be in Nemuro(Hokkaido), Chiba and Yokohama(Kanagawa) ; The earthquake will cause a Tsunami affecting part of Japan on ( until) November 16, 2022;
  11. Two strong earthquake will hit Taiwan , and possibility of many casualties  on July 17 of 2022 – if none of them happen;
  12. There is a big risk of a plane crash in China on December 17 of 2022, with many injured and deaths in Shanghai nearby;
  13. A plane crash causes deaths in Indonesia , also an explosion will cause victims in that country, on the other hand , a strong earthquake shakes the country and a volcano erupts between July 16 and 30, 2022;
  14. Strong earthquake hits Taiwan and can cause many casualities on July 17 of 2022 ; risk of fire and plane crash on July 28th of 2022. Also a traffic accident can kill many people on July 21 of 2022;; then , September will have another stronger there;

I hope to be wrong , but it is what I have seen throgh my dreames (Prophecy).

Your Truly.





4. 安倍元首相が演説中に撃たれる可能性 2022年7月8日、奈良市の大和西大寺駅近くの路上で安倍元首相が演説中に撃たれ、心肺停止状態で出血し、命も失う危険性がある。現場近くにいた奈良市の日本人男性、山上徹也容疑者が浮上する。









10. マグニチュード9.0の地震が高知海峡(またはこの付近でもっと早い時期に)で、または根室か千葉か横浜で起きる。地震は津波を引き起こす。2022年の11月16日か、それ以前に起きる。

11. 2022年7月17日に台湾を強い2つの地震が襲う。

12. 2022年12月17日に中国で飛行機自己が起きる可能性がある。上海近郊で多くの負傷者や死者が出る。

13. 2022年7月16日から30日にかけて、インドネシアで飛行機が墜落して死者が出る、爆発が起きて犠牲者が出る、強い地震が起きて火山が噴火する、などの現象が起きる。

14. 2022年7月17日に台湾で強い地震が発生し、多くの死傷者が出る可能性がある;2022年7月28日に火災や飛行機事故が発生する危険性がある。また、2022年7月21日に交通事故が発生し、多くの人が死亡する可能性がある。








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    12のchiba はchinaのミスタッチの可能性を思いました。ただアルファベットを使う言語圏の方がスペルチェックかけ忘れることは考えにくいとは思いますが、chinaなら上海というのも意味が通りそうに思いました。

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