Introduction of Japanese famous recent investors

I am a Japanese small investor.To practice writing English,I want to write about Japanese recent famous investors.

We often talk about great investors of the same generation on SNS such as 2ch and Twitter. This article may include some mistakes that based on lack of exact knowledge and incorrect English.[adsense]


Recently Bloomberg introduced him again.This article explains Cis’s recent success.


Due to writing on SNS(specially 2ch),Cis has been famous between Japanese young investors for almost 15 years.His 1st nickname was Kacho(課長) that means manager.He had worked at screw company as a manager in his twenties.

In early time,he was considered as a poor investor(‘Magariya’). But he could know how to win stock investment through interaction with other investors(e.g. BNF).

Even though many Japanese investors know his real name,cis seems to want to conceal his real name.

His trading is relatively short term less than 1 week.His major investment targets are large-sized stock and index futures.He sometimes reveals his investment on twitter.

Cis appeared on famous TV show(‘waratte iitomo’) in 2011.Video is below.Behind frosted glass is Cis.In this vedeo,he said that he have earned 10 billion yen through stock investment.

Cis’s hobby is poker and playing DQMSL.He likes wine very much.He takes care of benevolence.

Cis’s total asset is more than 20 billion yen.


BNF is the most famous day trader.His real name is takashi kotegawa.He was born in 1978. This handle name(BNF) is based on Victor Niederhoffer.

In 2005,wrong order occurred on jcom stock. At that time BNF earned 2 billion yen in a day. And this incident made him famous.

His trading is relatively short term . He often does contrarian investing focused on deviation rate. He doesn’t use margin transaction.

His assets exceeded 20 billion yen in 2008. Recently he doesn’t appear on media ,so we only can know his activities indirectly.He possesses some office buildings at busy street.In 2015, he received gold throwing star in return for payment of taxes.

Many Japanese investors guess that he is the best Japanese trader.

3. Akira katayama(Gogatsu)

Akira katayama is a private investor and he is a CEO of venture investment company. His handle name is Gogatsu. This means May.

His trading style is based on fundamental analysis.

akira katayama

He was an enthusiastic online game player in his early twenties. After watching drama of stock investment , he started investing.

In early time,his trading style was short-term. After Tokyo Stock Exchange imported arrow-head, his trading style turned to be long-term investment that based on fundamental analysis.

He has writing his thinking on his blog. And many people study fundamental analysis through his blog and his book.

In 2014, he experienced institutional investor at rheos capital works. And in 2015, he turned to be a private investor again.

His assets exceeded 3 billion yen. If his investment destination become listed company, his assets will increase powerfully.

Now his major investment are below.

4.Daisuke gomi

We don’t  know much about Daisuke gomi. But We know his asset exceed 20 billion yen.

Due to list of large shareholder,We found his existence.His success is due to mixi. Mixi became big company through success of monster-strike.

These days he became large shareholder of SOSEI.

I think he is good to be quick to seize an opportunity. Both company’s stock price rose strongly.






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