Japanese stock market news 2016 autumn

I introduce recent Japanese stock market news.

Daisuke Gomi became biggest shareholder in SOSEI

Japanese one of the biggest private investor Daisuke Gomi became biggest shareholder in SOSEI.

SOSEI is hopeful bio-venture company. Its market value is about $2,319 million. Daisuke Gomi possesses 750 thousand shares (4.43%).

In my opinion, his main business is a doctor. So, he has certain knowlege about pharmaceutical biotechnology. He may believe SOSEI’s success more than its management and founder.

If SOSEI achives development of medicine, Gomi’s assets will be beyond our imaginings.

Akira katayama’s investment all moved up

Akira katayama is a famous investor based on fundamental trading.

We can know that his main investments are companies below.

Quite amazingly, All these company’s stock price surged this year.

Japan life line’s 1year chart is below.


Charme care coporation’s 1year chart is below.


Papyless’s 1year chart is below.


These surges made his assets exceed 10 billion yen ($ 90 milion).

I think that Japanese successful trader’s definition was changed. It is not until some trader’s assets is more than 10 billion yen that we can say he or she is successful investor.

IGNIS stock price rose sharply due to Yassushi Akimoto

Yasushi Akimoto is a famous music producer. He made idol group AKB48 blockbuster.

IGNIS is a online game creator. Akimoto decided to take a stake to IGNIS’s subsidiary.

This act invited investor’s speculation. In this summer, Akimoto participated Brangista’s game creating. At that time, Brangista’s stock price plunged madly. But Brangista’s game did not win the big market.

Most people predict that IGNIS’s game will not success so much, but stock price became overheated.

Brangista’s 1 year chart is below.


IGNIS’s 1 year chart is below.



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